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Quad Cities Interventional Pain Management

When pain management is personal, why should pain treatment be common? 

Welcome Integrative Pain & Rejuvenation centers of America

You are going to experience ultimate integration of modern technological medicine and holistic Alternative medicine.

The vision and mission of IPARCOA is to deliver true integrative health technologies to not only to treat chronic pain, but also to simultaneously improve your health and decrease dependence on toxic pharmaceutical medications, which cause tolerance, dependence and devastating side effects. Pharmaceutical medications, in any form or shape, only mask the pain and do not treat the pain. At IPARCOA we like to go to the root of the pain and control the chronic pain in order to achieve long-term pain relief without long-term side effects.

Any procedures we do here at IPARCOA are designed to have “ZERO” side effects and “ZERO” complications, not only today, not only tomorrow, but even 10 years from now.

We achieve this by “Tandem integrative Pain Solutions” which have been exclusively developed by Dr Karuparthy.

Present practice of pain management is full of long-term side effects complications and devastating side effects.

Pain clinics across the world today inject High doses of steroids into the joints, spine and many other places of muscles and tendons. Steroid injections do help relieve pain for a temporary period while recovering from acute injuries. However, repeated use of steroids causes local destruction of joints. This widely used practice of steroid injections may be one of the causes for today’s increased incidence of knee and hip joint replacements. We see these replacements done in patients aged 55 to 60 or even 50 years of age.(not sure this sentence is necessary) 

Apart from the local destructive side effects of steroids, repetitive and continuous usage of steroids in any form can cause weight gain, bone loss, diabetes, high blood pressure and dysfunction of your hormones. Many people who have chronic pain end up having the above problems, which in itself causes more chronic pain as you continue to age. You end up with more chronic pain and a dependence on medications, which imbalances your body and mind.

In this regard, at IPARCOA we carefully select and execute personalized integrative injection procedures without using high doses of steroids.

The integrative techniques combine alternative medicine technologies like acupuncture, Yoga, Ayurveda and others in ‘tandem’ with blocking the pain causing nerves in your body.  This approach itself avoids all the cumulative devastating side effects of steroids in the long run.

This is the beginning of your journey towards decreasing dependence on drugs, especially opiates, more commonly known as narcotic medications.

Long term use of opiate or narcotic medications are known to cause devastating side effects, apart from tolerance and dependence.

In paradox, the same opium drugs, which are helping your pain, in the first place can cause severe widespread burning body pain and hyper sensitivity. For example, the long term usage of opiates can be 10 times worse than the Fibromyalgia pain you’re trying to treat in the first place.

Apart from this, short term effects from use of opiate narcotics include a decrease in energy, erectile dysfunction in men, and a decrease in interest and libido in women. A few long-term side effects include sudden heart failure, decrease in testosterone and other hormones.

Things can get even worse if you are a prone and sensitive individual. You can move from simple tolerance and dependence, to addiction, to seeking emotional relief rather than pain relief. So, using opiates or narcotics is not a sustainable path to relieve your chronic pain.

IPARCOA has developed an intelligent integration of modern and alternative modalities to avoid the use of opiate medications.

IPARCOA has been in the forefront in developing proprietary integrative protocols to combat drug dependence while safely delivering quality pain relief which is sustainable over long periods of time.

We will achieve this by combining a nerve block procedure for localized body pain and an intravenous local and general anesthetic medication infusion technique for generalized body pain. For stable and sustained pain relief, we deliver these two techniques once or twice a month. This means you usually visit us twice a month for each of the procedures. 


Once you start the treatment protocol with IPARCOA, we will wean you off of multiple pain medications and higher doses of opiates in a 3-month period while executing the Tandem Integrative Pain Solutions. Once you reach 3 months of treatment, we are confident that if you follow our recommendations, you will certainly have sustainable pain relief for most of your daily living, with improved functionality. However, we also consider using small, fixed amounts of low dose opiates, usually 30-60 pills of hydrocodone or oxycodone with acetaminophen (Tylenol) for incidental or episodic exacerbation of your pain. We are also open to the natural and safer alternative of Medical marijuana for incidental episodic pain if your state allows.

Once we achieve stable sustainable pain relief, it is time to improve your health and nutritional status to improve strength and immunity to fight the pain inside out.

We have nutritional therapies to improve your nutritional status. Nutritional deficiencies of micronutrients is a very common cause for many chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue etc.

You can take all vitamin and nutrient pills from General nutrition stores but they are usually not getting absorbed into the body. This is due to both an interference of the other medications you are taking and also a constipated gut full of toxins.

Our intravenous nutrient therapy quickly kick starts your nutritional and energetic status by directly transfusing a micronutrient cocktail of highly effective anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals into you blood stream.

Later we gently introduce probiotic colon cleansing, easily absorbable oral vitamins, and Anti-oxidant nutrient dietary products. This gives you the increased energy you need to fight and conquer chronic pain and disease.

This sets the stage for addressing other associated health issues of weight and deconditioned muscles. These issues can then be combated by natural weight loss and yoga based breathing and stretching programs.

From now on you have the whole world in front of you to live to the fullest. You are at cross roads of just recovering and recuperating from chronic pain. From here on we recommend active rehabilitation and rejuvenation. You can not only claim your pain relief but fight your aging process and claim your youth and youthful energy by our 7 day 14 day or even 21 day complete detoxification and rejuvenation programs. (these don’t seem necessary)

Yoga and Ayurvedic rejuvenation programs at IPARCOA are designed to make you independent and healthy so that you are eventually not even dependent on us for your health.

 The day you live your life to fullest and do not need our services is the day we consider that we have served you well.

Again welcome to the journey of not only pain relief, but also a journey of health and well-being

With three locations to serve you in Rock Island and Geneseo (Illinois) and Davenport (Iowa), we offer a variety of on-site diagnostics and procedures, and may even be able to treat you on your first visit. No matter where your pain is, and no matter what’s causing it, Integrative Pain Centers of America can help you get back to living your life. 

Schedule your appointment today by calling our office at (309) 762-7246 or request an appointment online and our staff will contact you.